What interests me?  Light, shadow, play, people, the world.  As an artist, I eschew those that tell me to stick with one thing to perfect that ONE thing before moving on. That just seems so, well, so dull. It reminds me of my drawing class in college.  Sitting on a bench in an un-airconditioned classroom in Memphis for 3 hours drawing the same still life for a semester. My back aches just thinking about it! If something sparks me, I want to explore it.  If I get bored, I may move on or revisit something. I believe great artwork comes from curiosity and play, not drudgery and repetition.  Many will disagree with me, but that is fine with me.  Being true to myself and my creative impulses are what matters most.

When I was 18, my Dad gave me my Grandfather’s Contax IIIa camera.  This has been my sidekick for over 25 years.  I obtained my BA in Art History, but I discovered that criticizing art was not nearly as rewarding as making it.  Most of my photography is based on traditional black and white darkroom work.   I love working in the dark, developing film, indulging in the magic that photography once was.  However, I am not exclusive to traditional black and white photography, I have thousands of travel pics and my recent Mandala project is made digitally using a kaleidoscope.

My simple goal is to continue to create and update rather than stagnate.